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911 Turbo Performance Upgrades

This gorgeous 996 generation 911 Turbo Cabriolet came in for a long list of upgrades to up this already potent car, to modern 911 Turbo horsepower levels. We also performed an array of detailing services, electronics installations, and some handling upgrades too. This is one of the most well rounded builds that we have had the pleasure of being a part of. The owner is definitely enjoying his newly tuned 500+ horsepower 911 Turbo and it is protected for years to come!

The most significant part of this Porsche’s litany of upgrades is made up of the Evolution Motorsports Stage 4 Upgrade Kit. This includes a full replacement Hitachi Air Intake System, upgraded diverter valves to adequately hold increased boost levels, stronger spark plugs, EVOMS Club Sport Intercoolers and Boost Hoses, Fabspeed exhaust manifolds, and custom calibrated EVOMS ECU tuning software rated at an increase of +130 horsepower and +130 Torque, pushing this car to easily over 500 horsepower at the crank (around 480whp on a dyno). We rounded all of these performance upgrades off with a fully custom exhaust that we built from scratch in house. Now this 911 Turbo truly has a bark to match its bite! To help put the power to the ground a little easier we installed an Eibach Sway Bar kit front and rear to help plant the car a little easier with its extremely potent newly tuned horsepower. We also upgraded the stock clutch to a Spec Stage 3 that will have no problems holding back almost 500 lb/ft of torque at the wheels.

While the car was disassembled for all of its performance modifications, we took the opportunity to install a custom sound system so that when the owner of this 911 isn’t pushing it to 200mph, he can enjoy his favorite music in an enhanced fashion. For even further increased safety and security an Escort Max Ci 360 radar and ShifterMax sensors were installed in such a way that if you didn’t know they were there, you wouldn’t even notice. The windows were also tinted at this time to keep the heat out as we gear up for a steamy summer.

The final piece to this puzzle are the cosmetics of the vehicle. It’s paint was already in very nice condition for being over 15 years old but there is always room for improvement on even the cleanest of vehicles. We performed a paint correction to ensure a glossy and consistent haze-free surface and installed an Xpel front-end paint protection film package to protect against rock chips and other road hazards that may fling themselves at this gorgeous front end. Paint Protection Film or “Clear Bra” is the most effective way to create a physical barrier between your paint and the road, stopping rock chips from peppering your front end when you get stuck behind a big truck on the interstate. We continued the paint protection process by applying a Ceramic Pro Gold Package to the remainder of the car that was not covered by PPF; further protecting from UV rays causing wear on the paint over time as well as keeping bugs, leaves, and dirt from staining or etching the surface between washes.

If you would be interested in a performance upgrades, tuning, custom fabrication, paint correction, paint protection film, ceramic coating, window tint, electronics installations (radars, stereos, lighting, etc.) or anything else custom or performance related for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

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