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BMW Z3 M Coupe PPF & Ceramic Pro

This increasingly desirable BMW Z3 M coupe (affectionately known by enthusiasts as the “Clown Shoe”) came in for detailing and paint protection services. A single stage paint correction was performed to remove light scratches and swirls accumulated from years of enjoyment. We protected the freshly restored surface with a custom Stek DYNOShield Paint Protection Film install to keep this rare gem’s front end spotless and rock chip free. All other painted surfaces received a Ceramic Pro Silver Package ceramic coating service. Now the owner of this M-coupe can stretch the legs of their classic BMW without worry of experiencing new cosmetic issues or paint fading. This car is now much easier to keep clean and is resistant to staining and UV damage. CONTACT US today if you would like more information on Stek USA Paint Protection Film, Paint Correction, or Ceramic Pro coating packages.

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