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C7 Corvette goes Psychedelic

This stunning Corvette Stingray came to us with a specific vision for his ride. He wanted something to make an already gorgeous car, featuring a few nice aftermarket aero parts, stand out among the crowd. After discussing several options and going over the vast amount of different vinyl wrap choices on the market today, we decided on 3M Vinyl’s Satin Flip Psychedelic.

‘Satin Flip Psychedelic’ appears to be a subtle satin grey in soft lighting and shadows but as soon as direct sun hits it, a full spectrum of color becomes very obvious. In addition to wrapping the entire car, we also installed custom LED underbody lighting to further accent the bright look of this Stingray. The last piece of the puzzle were the headlights. The headlights had to match the awesome new wrap and lighting so we installed full RGB controllable colorshifting headlights to round out this extremely vibrant transformation. Next up are some custom wheels for this beauty when the owner gets the itch to upgrade it further.

If you would be interested in a vinyl wrap, accents, modifications and upgrades, or anything else custom or performance related for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

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