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Camaro ZL1 Paint Restoration & Protection

This 2013 Camaro ZL1 came to us after years of enjoyment. The paint had seen better days due to exposure to the elements and general wear, even though the vehicle was in very nice condition overall. We began with a wet-sand process to enhance the finish of the paint, we were able to remove excessive orange peel left behind on certain panels that were repainted or upgraded over the years. Next the paintwork received a 2 stage paint correction for a glossy and consistent surface across the entire car.

Finally this ZL1 was coated with the best of the best; The Ceramic Pro Gold Package. A ceramic coating not only enhances the shine and depth in this gorgeous black muscle car, but it also protects from future wear and fading. With proper maintenance (which is much easier to accomplish with a ceramic coating) this ZL1 will look better than new for years and will outshine even a brand new car’s paint finish and quality. If you would be interested in our professional detailing and paint protection services, CONTACT US today for more info.

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