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Custom Wrapped Chevy 2500HD

A customer recently brought in his heavily modified Chevy Silverado 2500HD for a fully custom vinyl wrap. The design was created by ECD Wraps who worked with the owner to fit exactly what they envisioned. WePrintWraps printed all materials for this installation and always does a great job for us on any printed vinyl wrap needs.

This was a very in-depth install which included vinyl coverage in places that many other shops don’t touch. This includes custom interior wrapped pieces, wrapping the driveshaft, and wrapping the DEF tank which really helps give the finished product a very coordinated and high quality look.

Lastly we used Ceramic Pro’s PPF and Vinyl ceramic coating on all freshly wrapped surfaces creating a resilient top coat that will protect the vinyl from premature fading and discoloration. This will help maintain the glossy surface of the wrap, assisting in washes and making this monster look even better overall.

If you would be interested in a printed vinyl wrap, ceramic coating, or anything else custom for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

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