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Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat

A menacing ‘Destroyer Gray’ Dodge Charger Hellcat came into the shop recently for some of our high end detailing services. Though this car has very low miles and is in amazing condition, there are some paint defects to be improved upon, even on an essentially brand new car.

Most people don’t realize that when almost any car leaves the factory there are micro scratches and light hazing in the surface of the paint that can be corrected and made to look even better than new. To remedy this we performed a single stage paint correction process, polishing the paint to a glossy deep shine. This process also removed minor water spots that had developed in the short time the vehicle had been on the road.

Once the paint was brought to a better than new shine, we applied the Ceramic Pro Silver Package, ensuring up to 5 years of lasting protection against road debris, dirt, and inclement weather. Ceramic nano-coating is an advanced detailing technology that bonds to the clear coat of the paint creating an anti-static and hydrophobic barrier between your car and the road. Ceramic coatings help your car stay cleaner for longer and make it even easier to wash when the time comes. Water beads right off of a coated surface.

If you would be interested in a paint correction and Ceramic Pro ceramic coating or anything else detailing related or custom for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

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