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Ferrari California Gets A Sleek New Look

This gorgeous 2010 Ferrari California came in for several modifications and detailing services before being shipped to its owner in California. We began with a full paint correction and then applied the Ceramic Pro Silver Package, coating the paint, wheels, brake calipers, and glass of this vehicle. This ceramic coating protection ensures that the deep red ‘Rosso Corsa’ Ferrari paint will maintain its shine and luster for years to come as well as staying safe from the elements and staying clean for longer.

Next we laid down a gloss black wrap on the roof and pillars of the car. This really ties the look of the Ferrari together well and gives a modern sleekness to a classy but understated design.

Finally we installed a brand new set of newly released Vossen Forged: M-X Series ‘M-X3’ wheels with fresh and beefy Pirelli tires to help fill out the wheel wells of this Italian grand tourer. The car was lowered slightly to accommodate the more aggressive wheel and tire setup. All the parts and effort combined gives this Ferrari California a much more dramatic stance and appearance that will have it turning heads all over the West Coast. CONTACT US for more information on your next modification or detailing service.

Check out the video at the bottom of this post showing the whole process!

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