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GTR ‘Gloss Plum Explosion’ Vinyl Wrap

This beautiful Nissan GTR came into the shop for a full color change vinyl wrap, carbon fiber accents, and paint protection film. The factory gray was just a little too subtle for this GTR owner so he selected 3M 1080 series ‘Gloss Plum Explosion’ with carbon fiber accents. This color is extremely vibrant and has a slight color shift that makes it look deep purple in dark lighting and fuchsia with hints of pink under very bright sunlight. We also accented the rear diffuser, front grill, front lip, etc. with carbon fiber vinyl wrap which is a great way to transform the look of your car without buying very expensive and delicate carbon fiber components. After wrapping the car we installed an Xpel clear bra on the front bumper to help protect against rock chips and other road debris.

This GTR came in previously for an upgraded front mount intercooler, downpipes, intakes, blow-off valves, and other bolt-on performance modifications allowing it to produce over 600 wheel horsepower with a custom tune. This GTR’s new look definitely matches it’s performance.

If you would be interested in a vinyl wrap, carbon fiber accents, paint protection film, performance modifications and upgrades, or anything else custom or performance related for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

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