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Maserati GT Comprehensive Detail

The 2008 Maserati GranTurismo is an aggressively styled grand touring car with dramatic styling by way of Italian designer powerhouse Pininfarina, paired with the gorgeous v8 roar made possible by collaboration with none other than Ferrari themselves. This car truly does not show its age and we were very excited to paint correct, protect, and improve upon an already stellar sports car.

The first thing we did to this Maserati is perform a full wet-sanding process to this paint. This detailing service is reserved for only the most thorough paint restoration projects and is very tedious. It involves soaking and sanding the surface of the paint to achieve an even greater gloss and shine by heavily refining the surface. We next applied a 2-stage paint correction process which further improved the quality and finish of the paint giving better than new reflection and definition to this 10 year old car’s surfaces. Even a brand new car’s paint can be made to look a lot glossier and more consistent after being corrected by a professional detailer.

Once the surfaces of the paint were pristine with a consistent gloss and reflective finish throughout, we then applied a Ceramic Pro Silver Package to all surfaces of the vehicle. A ceramic nano coating is the best way to maintain the gloss and depth of your vehicle’s paint without having to perform constant maintenance, waxing and sealing the car several times throughout ownership. A Ceramic Pro coating can last 3-5 years with proper upkeep and is also a lot easier to keep clean than a traditionally waxed vehicle.

The owner also opted to have his wheels powder coated in Prismatic Powders ‘Wet Charcoal’. This color is very similar to the body color and gives a very coordinated look to this Maserati. Formula Dynamics 22mm/25mm wheel spacers were installed in the front and rear to help fill out the wheel arches of the GT. The brake calipers and accents were painted ‘Carolina Metallic Blue’ to create a very eye catching yet subtle upgrade to the overall image of the car. Finally any chrome trim was wrapped in Avery Dennison ‘Gloss Black’ to further modernize the style. You would be hard pressed to convince anyone that this Maserati is over 10 years old and the owner will enjoy his extremely stylish Italian beast for many years to come.

If you would be interested in detailing services, ceramic coating, paint protection, vinyl wrapping, brake and wheel color changes, or any other variety of modification for your vehicle, CONTACT US today!

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