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Pair of Shelby GT350’s Ceramic Pro Paint Protection

We had two stunning Ford Mustang Shelby GT350’s in recently, both for a single stage paint correction and Ceramic Pro Gold packages. These cars are both very well maintained but as we have said before, even a showroom new vehicle has some minor paint imperfections from the factory. We can always improve the surface of any vehicle, creating deeper gloss and reflection that lasts.

Following paint correction, we began the application of our Ceramic Pro Gold Package. This level of paint protection nano coating includes multiple layers of ceramic coating on all painted surfaces (including wheels and brakes), all plastics coated, as well as glass surfaces receiving a glass specific water repellant nano-ceramic coating. Ceramic coating your glass is like treating your windows with Rain-X but in a much more robust and semi-permanent fashion that beads water across your glass so that at highway speeds it streams right off the windshield, eliminating the need for windshield wipers in light rainstorms. These cars will retain their intense shine and reflective paint for many years to come, especially when well maintained and hand-washed using quality detailing products.

The final step of this process was a Luxe Auto Concepts Medium Smoke Taillight Tint for the black Shelby. This smoked look flows well with the glossy black paint and wheels and will also help protect the lenses of the taillights. If you would be interested in our professional detailing and paint protection services, CONTACT US today for more info.

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