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Purple Chrome Aventador SVJ

This monster of a supercar was brought to us all the way from Vero Beach, Florida for a huge range of modifications, major cosmetic changes, and paint protection. The Aventador SVJ is an extremely impressive car in stock form but the owner of this monster wanted to put his personal touches on his.

The most significant aspect of this transformation came in the form of a full body body wrap utilizing Hexis ‘Gloss Purple Super Chrome’ vinyl film with ‘Satin Black’ accents. This completely changed the look of the car from the factory white. As if the SVJ isn’t enough of a head turner with it’s huge wing and extremely aggressive factory exhaust, it will now be catching all eyes from every direction no matter where it goes. To maintain the quality of the wrap and keep it safe from the hazards of driving and general wear, the entire body of the car was protected using Xpel paint protection film. Paint protection film (aka ‘clear bra’) is the most effective way to protect your paint from inclement weather and road debris that may come into contact with your paint. It also makes washing your car much easier and is self healing from minor marks and light scratches which would otherwise cause permanent damage to the paint underneath.

The owner of this car plans to drive it as it was intended so we made sure to help keep him safe with an Escort Max Ci 360 installed radar detector which integrates seamlessly with the vehicle for a discreet install. The system utilizes front and rear radar receivers and four laser shifters to protect against all speed detection devices.

We upgraded the factory stereo setup to a comprehensive upgrade package sourcing products from Hybrid Audio and ARC Audio systems. The final piece of the project comes from Oracle lighting. Purple UV LED strips were installed all across the car including under the rocker panels, in air vents and intakes, under the rear hatch and rear diffuser, and under the wheel arches to help make the SVJ look even more like the rocket ship that it is.

If you would be interested in a vinyl wrap, paint protection film, radar detectors or audio & stereo upgrades, custom LED lighting, or anything else custom or detailing related for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

Watch the video at the bottom of the page showing this process from start to finish!

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