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'Ghost Pearl' Subaru BRZ

This heavily modified Subaru BRZ has been in the shop previously for numerous aero modifications including Seibon Carbon Fiber hood, trunk, fenders, and side skirts, and the perfectly fitted Advan GT forged Japanese wheels.

Following a forged motor build, supercharger install, and custom tuning at our good friend Shift Fast Motorsports‘ shop, the car returned to us for a custom vinyl wrap accenting the high quality modifications made to this vehicle.

The owner chose 3M Vinyl’s 1080 series ‘Satin Flip Ghost Pearl’ to give his BRZ a sleek and clean appearance with a bit of flair in the right lighting. He chose to leave parts of the carbon fiber fenders and trunk exposed for aesthetic reasons which we think flows great with the unwrapped carbon fiber sideskirts. This car is extremely fast and definitely looks the part. We look forward to helping the owner maintain his awesome build in the future.

If you would be interested in a vinyl wrap, carbon fiber accents, performance modifications and upgrades, or anything else custom or performance related for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

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