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SL65 AMG Stage 1 Tune, PPF & Ceramic Pro

This monstrous V12 Biturbo Mercedes SL65 AMG came in recently for detailing services, ceramic coating, paint protection film, window tint, and a Eurocharged stage 1 tune. A single stage paint correction was performed before the front end was protected with Paint Protection Film while the rest of the car was coated with a Ceramic Pro Silver Package.

It’s a good thing we protected the paint against environmental & UV damage as well as road debris because with the Eurocharged Stage 1 ECU tune this AMG-powered rocket sled now makes 740hp and 811ft/lbs of torque. The tune alone resulted in gains of over 100 horsepower and almost 80ft/lbs of torque while retaining factory reliability and drivability. Contact us today for more information on tuning your vehicle, tinting your windows, and protecting your paint or wrap with PPF and Ceramic Pro coatings.

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