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Tesla Model 3 Gloss Wicked Wrap

The Tesla Model 3 is a gorgeously designed car from the factory but like many of our customers, the owner of this Model 3 wanted to add her own unique taste and style to this one. We began by removing the wheels to be powder coated in gloss black. This is an option from the factory but it is almost always more cost effective to have things like this done by us and the quality will often be just as good if not better.

Next this Tesla went under the knife for a full color change by way of 3M’s 1080 Series ‘Gloss Wicked’ vinyl wrap. This color is menacing and looks almost black in many lighting scenarios, a midnight purple of sorts. The dramatic purple hue becomes very apparent as soon as the sun cuts across the car revealing the heavy flake effect. A vinyl wrap not only completely transforms the look of any car but also offers protection for the paint underneath against everyday road debris and rock chips. For even more protection and to keep this wrap looking like new for years to come, we ceramic coated the entire surface of the car using Ceramic Pro PPF & Vinyl Topcoat. This will make washing the car a breeze due to the anti static qualities of ceramic coating (dust and grime slides right off the car) as well as creating more gloss and increasing optical clarity on the surface of the vinyl wrap.

If you would be interested in a vinyl wrap, ceramic coating, powder coated wheels, brakes, etc. or anything else custom for your vehicle, CONTACT US today for more info.

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